It doesn’t matter how many times Queen Bey dips behind the limelight, it just means she’s coming back bigger and better than ever. That’s something we saw recently with the arrival of her incredible Renaissance album.

After playing it on repeat for weeks on end, we thought it was time to step things up a notch with a matching fragrance for each of our new favorite songs. 

These Top Fragrances Match Our Favorite Tracks From Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album…

A new album deserves a new fragrance. Read on for our Renaissance perfume pairings, and our favorite Beyoncé perfumes.

1. Break My Soul: Boss Femme by Hugo Boss

Boss Femme Perfume By HUGO BOSS

Break My Soul reintroduced Beyoncé to the world with roars of applause. One of Renaissance’s most powerful tracks, it’s a fast-paced few minutes of pure electricity. A song like that needs a matching fragrance with just as much unbeatable feminine energy. 

We’ve chosen Boss Femme by Hugo Boss to spritz while singing along to Break My Soul. This floral and citrus blend is rich and luxurious, fusing white flowers, Madagascar jasmine, lily, and rose with apricot skin and lemon tree wood. 

2. Alien Superstar: Diamonds & Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds & Rubies Perfume By ELIZABETH TAYLOR

Diamonds & Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor opens with a strong, sharp burst of powdery floral notes. This is a women-in-charge fragrance from start to finish and can only be paired with a song like Alien Superstar

Matching Beyoncé’s incredible new track with a just-as-incredible range of notes, this potent Beyoncé perfume doesn’t hold back when delivering its juicy, sweet feeling. If you’re a fan of florals and orientals, you’ll love Diamonds & Rubies for its jasmine, orchid, heliotrope, and spices.

3. Cuff It: Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein

Eternity Summer Perfume By CALVIN KLEIN

You’ll find yourself humming along to Cuff It the morning after a huge adventure with friends. This exciting yet reminiscent song is all about acting without second guessing yourself and making spontaneous decisions. Its matching fragrance emphasizes summertime fun with that almost dizzying appeal that comes from endless laughter.

We love to spritz Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein to remember those summer nights. Warm spicy accords blend with musky undertones in a scent that’s both familiar and intoxicatingly good. Top notes of violet leaf, rose, and bergamot just add to its warm-weather appeal.

And These Delicious Fragrances Perfectly Suit These Classic Beyoncé Songs…

Our old favorite Beyoncé songs all need a matching scent, too.

1. Halo: Glow by Jennifer Lopez


We’re always in awe of Beyoncé’s incredible vocal range and no song shows it off better than Halo. Almost ethereal with its beautiful lyrics and floating piano backdrop, Halo is a joy to listen to from start to finish. 

A fragrance like Glow by Jennifer Lopez matches the track’s unique qualities. This Halo Beyoncé perfume is a delicate one that, like its name suggests, adds a subtle floral glow to all kinds of daytime looks. Neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, and sandalwood give this scent a luxe sillage.

2. Love On Top: The One by Dolce & Gabbana

 The One Perfume By DOLCE & GABBANA

Everyone knows the words to Love On Top. This everlasting song is a Beyoncé classic and brings to life the feelings of first love and new romances. Endlessly popular, it deserves a matching fragrance like The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This elegant scent is sweet and light with soft, vanilla hues. It’s a scent of beaming smiles and handwritten letters, first vacations with your other half, and new experiences together. Enjoy its sensual top notes of bergamot, litchi, and peach on date nights.

3. Put A Ring On It: Diva by Ungaro

Diva Perfume By UNGARO

Put A Ring On It is one of the sassiest and most empowering ways to remind a man just how incredible you are. That’s something Beyoncé likes to remind everyone throughout her discography and it’s a feeling you’ll soak up just after spritzing Diva by Ungaro.

This woody, floral, powdery scent is an adventure through the senses with individual notes that harmonize just like Beyoncé’s backup singers. Need any more persuasion? Diva’s bottle shape was designed to imitate the curves of the female body — beautiful both inside and out.

Our Favorite Beyoncé Songs And Their Matching Perfumes – Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to perfumes for Beyoncé fans and we hope this list has helped you to discover a new favorite. Still looking for a new scent? Head to where you’ll find not only Beyoncé’s perfumes but also a large range of scents sold at discounted prices from all of your top brands.

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