Why are Dior perfumes so highly in demand and what makes them special? 

Christian Dior perfumes are targeted to chic young women (and their young men), who want beautiful scents as well made as the haute couture clothing. The Dior perfume company wisely used the brand name in the title of many of its fragrances as it brought designer cache without a hefty price tag. Fine ingredients and the highest standard of luxury continue to be the hallmarks of Dior.

Let’s look at eleven of our favorites:

1. Miss Dior Parfum

1947 was the year when the young fashion designer Christian Dior launched his revolutionary couture collection on the Paris runway. It was also the year, he famously asked Perfumer Jean Carles, “to make me a fragrance that smells like love” … and the bright floral Miss Dior was born.  Really rosy and sweet, Miss Dior is punctuated by pink pepper, and three juicy oranges: blood orange, sweet orange mandarin as well as lemon and bergamot. Damask rose and Grasse rose are the stars and are blended with jasmine and soft woods.

Recommended related fragrances: Dior Forever and Ever, Miss Dior Ross N Roses

2. Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

For a fresh younger take on the classic, try Miss Dior’s little sister. Absolutely Blooming has delightful notes of sweet/tart red berries, Grasse rose absolute and a peony accord that creates a captivating and beautiful perfume. Perfect for special events, romantic evenings, or night-outs with the girls, the scent has a sexy, youthful, and fun attitude. Think of that feeling you get when you’re ready to go out of town with your friends – all dressed up,  make-up on, and you’re feeling beautiful. It’s the same vibe every spritz of this perfume will make you feel, so use it lavishly.

Recommended related fragrances: Dior Dolce Vita, Dioressence

3. J’Adore

The name is a play on “Dior” and “I Love it” and was launched in 1999 as a tribute to Christina Dior’s love of flowers. Its commercial success was instantaneous. Composed by master perfumer Calice Becker, Dior J’Adore is a pillar fragrance for the brand that paved the way and set the standard for all other fruity florals, a category that would become one of the most popular in women’s perfumes   for more than twenty years.  Dior J’Adore is one of the top sellers of the Dior line, and it is instantly recognized by its gold ringed bottle. Feminine and flowery, young women will adore  J’Adore.

Recommended related fragrances: J’Adore in Joy, J’Adore Infinissime

4. Dior Addict

A perfume that women love so much, Dior named a line of lipsticks for it and emulated its tall blue bottle with a silver stopper. Dior Addict is a luscious orange blossom, jasmine and vanilla creation composed by the future inhouse perfumer for Guerlain, Thierry Wasser. Its bold name veered from the norm, and implies independence.  A fresh, feminine and floral fragrance that is great to wear for any occasion especially for day wear..

Recommended related fragrances: J’Adore Absolu, Dior Joy

5. Dior Diorissimo

Diorissimo was created in 1956, as an ode to spring and to Christian Dior’s favorite flower… muguet (lily of the valley). A sparkling bouquet of tender white flowers, if you want a light, fresh yet elegant scent, this fragrance is for you. No need to wait for spring, Diorissimo can be worn any time you want a gentle perfume that is good for the office or for casual wear.

Recommended related fragrances: Diorella, Diorama

 Dior Poison

6. Dior Poison

A ground breaking tuberose, it is often imitated but never duplicated, Dior Poison empowered women to smell differently This rich sweet potion of passion and desire has been worn by Madonna and daring women since its debut in 1985. Tuberose may be the flower who whispers come hither in Poison, but it’s the honey in the heart that is the trap that ensnares all who come close. Poison is Dior’s scented weapon of seduction and is created with a charismatic blend of spicy carnation, fruity plum and amber with musky honey at the dry down. Wear for a night of dancing or for romancing.

Recommended related fragrances: Dior Star, DKNY Nectar Love

7. Hypnotic Poison

Autumn is the perfect time to reach for fruity florals which are exotic and mysterious as well as warm and opulent. They can be heavy and strong so opt for a scent that smolders without becoming overbearing. Hypnotic Poison opens like a bite of an enchanted fruit with apricot, coconut, jasmine, rose and soft vanilla doesn’t overpower. With its combination of bitter almond, vanilla, caraway and jacaranda wood Dior Hypnotic Poison so much fun to wear.

Recommended related fragrances: Dioressence, Dior Joy Intense

8. Dior Pure Poison

Pure Poison is the perfect perfume for young women who have confidence and want to stand out. It is sweet yet seductive with sultry sandalwood, orange blossom, gardenia, and amber, so wear it liberally.  With notes of Damascus rose, bitter orange, and Venezuelan tonka bean, it is great for evening wear, date night or anytime you want to get a lot of compliments. This is a real crowd pleaser.

Recommended related fragrances: Miss Dior Originale Dior Poison Girl Unexpected

9. Eau Sauvage

Dior Eau Sauvage is a realistic citrus cologne with a synthetic ingredient called hedione, that smelled of jasmine and was rumored to contain pheromones that attract women. It set a new standard for what men should smell like, elegant and sophisticated. Best for office wear and casual wear.

Recommended related fragrances: Fahrenheit, Dior Higher Energy

10. SAUVAGE by Dior

In 2015, the house of Dior revamped and modernized the great classic Eau Sauvage with the introduction of SAUVAGE by Dior. It is the most successful masculine release to date. With notes of bergamot, Sichuan pepper and geranium, it brought a fresh, clean scent to millennials that feels contemporary and is easy to wear, whether you are savage or not. Excellent cologne for young men who want a lot of compliments.

Recommended related fragrances: Christian Dior Dune, Sauvage Very Cool

11. Dior Homme

Dior Homme was composed by Jacques Polge as a men’s fragrance using powdery iris, a flower that was considered to be “for women.” Guys will gravitate to the leather, lavender and vetiver which are the the backdrop and base notes for its heart of iris. Dior Homme is considered one of the best designer men’s fragrances so wear it with confidence. A great cologne for evening or business wear.

Recommended related fragrances: Dior Homme Sport, Dior Homme Intense

In Conclusion

Dior Perfumes are the crème de la crème of luxury, high quality perfumes and perfect for any weather or any occasion. They are easy to wear and refreshing fragrances are great for day or office wear.  Buy authentic designer and luxury fragrances at Perfume.com