Migos said it best… “Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace.” 

Versace is a showstopping luxury brand whose uber-pricey fashion pieces are out of reach for most of us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in the brand’s fragrance signatures. The best Versace perfumes are a wonderful way to soak up that classic Versace essence without maxing out your credit card. So — bring on the Medusa heads!

What is Versace Perfume?

Versace perfume is an immaculate reflection of the Versace brand — a luxury Italian fashion house known for their bold, sexy styles and shrewd sophistication. The first Versace fragrance was 1981’s Gianni Versace for Women. The brand has launched dozens of top selling fragrances for men and women. 

While many associate Versace with in-your-face sex appeal, the brand’s fragances actually span the gamut from statement powerhouses to deliciously fruity to subtle and feminine scents. What holds true for all the scents is that they’re high-end, carefully blended juices.

No matter what time of year or occasion you’re getting ready for, there’s sure to be a Versace scent to fit the bill in their long list of flagships and flankers. All the Versace perfume bottles are stunning, display-worthy works of art, and many of feature Versace’s signature Medusa symbol (the company’s logo).

To help narrow down the extensive list, keep reading for our look at the 10 best Versace perfumes for women.

1. Bright Crystal by Versace

Bright Crystal Perfume By VERSACE

Easily one of the best Versace perfumes, Bright Crystal is said to be inspired by creative director Donatella Versace’s favorite flowers, which include peony, magnolia, and lotus. Those bright, juicy florals are grounded with fruity notes like yuzu and pomegranate.

In keeping with the scent’s name and true to it’s feminine core, the top of the bottle is a giant crystal and the juice is a bubbly pink hue. This is a go-to year-round scent for many women looking for a versatile everyday fragrance that can take them from the office to a boozy brunch. 

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2. Pour Femme Dylan Blue by Versace

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Perfume

This is quite possibly the best Versace perfume option for the daytime. Pour Femme Dylan Blue is often described as a “resort scent” — think old money and classic glamor.

It’s clean and smells like a Capri vacation in a bottle with its fruity notes, grounded in a bouquet of fresh florals like rose, clover, forget me not, and jasmine. The woody backbone of musk, white woods, and patchouli adds a hint of sexyness to this versatile daytime fragrance.

Recommended related fragrances: Angel Eau Sucree By Thierry MuglerL’instant Magic By Guerlain, Rumeur 2 Rose By Lanvin

3. Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace

Bright Crystal Absolu Perfume By VERSACE

Bright Crystal Absolu delivers another vavavoom bottle. The Versace bright crystal perfume fragrances are, for good reason, consistently named among the best scents from the brand. Bright Crystal Absolu in particular is a standout conceived as a new and stronger take on the Bright Crystal original.

This scent is also long-lasting, has great sillage and projection, and the flacon is a darker pink color than the original to represent its more concentrated formulation. If you need a scent that will take you effortlessly from day to night, this is a strong choice.

Recommended related fragrances: Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Coco Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel, Dior Addict Perfume by Christian Dior

4. Versace Woman by Versace

Versace Woman Perfume

This sensuous Versace fragrance — with its sexy and sculptured bottle — has been a popular scent for over two decades. Yet it’s as modern and fresh today as it was when it first launched. Let its balance of fruity, sweet, floral, powdery, and woody notes take you to a tropical beach right out of a fairy tale.

Many women say this is a fragrance they find themselves going back to over and over again because it’s so easy to wear. This is one of the best Versace perfumes to use as your signature scent.

Recommended related fragrances: Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo, Bright Crystal by Versace, Kenzo Flower Perfume by Kenzo

5. Versus by Versace

Versus Perfume By VERSACE

If you need a burst of energy, give this mood-altering Versace perfume for women a try. This vibrant scent hails from the brand’s diffusion line, Versus. Versus is considered the “younger” more contemporary flanker, so it’s fitting that this is a powerful fragrance full of contrasts.

Spritz on this scent when you’re ready to make an entrance. Its intoxicating and unique blend of fruity notes like Amalfi lemon, star apple, and kumquat are guaranteed to turn heads. Florals like African orange flower and rose will bring a shower of compliments. Woody base notes like musk and patchouli will ramp up the underlying mystery.

This scent is unisex and works perfectly for teens seeking a signature scent they can carry into university and beyond.

Recommended related fragrances:  First By Van Cleef & Arpels, Weekend By Burberry, Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez

6. Yellow Diamond Intense by Versace

Versace Yellow Diamond Intense Perfume

While Versace pink perfume is always a beautiful selection, don’t disregard the Versace yellow perfumes! Yellow Diamond Intense is the best Versace perfume for the type-A woman who wants to take command of a room or stand out in a crowded space.

If you’re looking for a scent to wear to a music festival, concert, or when you’re out for a fun night of dancing, this is a jaw-dropping scent to reach for. It serves up fantastic longevity, and the drydown with its mix of guaiac wood, musk, amber, and benzoin are sure to turn heads. 

Recommended related fragrances: Angel Eau Sucree By Thierry MuglerL’instant Magic By Guerlain, Rumeur 2 Rose By Lanvin, Very Irresistible Sensual By Givenchy

7. Eros Perfume by Versace

Versace Eros Perfume

The men’s edition of Eros is considerably more popular than the women’s version. But that’s a shame because they’re equally praiseworthy. Eros Perfume is one of the most underrated Versace scents (in one of the brand’s most stunning gold flacons).

This scent is full-on glamor, from its stunning gold flacon to its underrated blend of fruity, floral, and woody notes. It works beautifully for black tie affairs as well as date nights, or whenever you’re looking to leave a lasting but sophisticated impression.

Eros’ blend of fruity notes like pomegranate, Sicilian lemon, and calabrian bergamot transport you to a delicious and romantic seacliff, while floral notes like peony and jasmine seem to drift in on a mountain breeze. Meanwhile, woody notes like musk and sandalwood arrive to make this one of the brand’s most well-rounded scents.

You’ll want to spray Eros modestly as it’s a strong scent with top-notch projection. You don’t need much to leave a powerful mark. 

Recommended related fragrances:  Back to Black Aphrodisiac, Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum, Paris By Yves Saint Laurent

8. Versace Versense by Versace

Versace Versense Perfume

This is another Versace ladies perfume that has been popular for over two decades. Versace Versense  is ever so slightly green in both its notes and in the juice’s soft green hue. That subtle nature is what stops it from smelling synthetic and keeps it fresh and bright — the best Versace perfume for a warm summer day.

The citrus here is a mood booster, and even though this isn’t the strongest Versace scent, it’s a long-lasting option with impressive projection.

Recommended related fragrances: Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Shalimar by Guerlain

9. Crystal Noir by Versace

Crystal Noir Perfume By VERSACE

The gardenia note comes through most vividly in this floral fragrance, but thanks to amber and musk at the base there’s something a bit dark and mysterious that keeps this Versace perfume an extra burst of hidden power.

While it’s not a signature Versace vanilla perfume, there is a hint of vanilla in the drydown. This is a clean scent that works well as a weekend day-to-night perfume. 

Recommended related fragrances: Viktor and Rolf FlowerBomb, Bvlgari Goldea, Calvin Klein Obsession     

10. Red Jeans by Versace

Red Jeans Perfume By VERSACE

As far as Versace scents go, Red Jeans is one of the youngest in spirit. It’s fresh, vibrant, and casual. It also happens to be one of the best Versace vanilla perfumes. It’s a perfect year-round go-to for a teenager dipping their toes into perfumery for the first time

Iits blend of peach, apricot, and freesia will wrap you in a warm embrace, while rose, violet, lily-of-the-valley, and ylang-ylang entice you off to warmer climes. But it is a Versace scent so it’s not all easy-breezy vanilla. Sandalwood and musk add dimension and a touch of rebel.

Recommended related fragrances: La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme, Shalimar by Guerlain, Oscar Perfume by Oscar de la Renta 

Best Versace Fragrances- In Summary

Like the brand’s fashions, the best Versace perfumes are inspired by street style, pop art, and flashy luxury, vividly reflected in the beautiful bottles. (You’ll adore them on your vanity or in your perfume cabinet!) And with nearly 100 fragrances to choose from, Versace has something for everyone to love.

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