Glamorous, exciting, and red-carpet-ready, Elizabeth Taylor perfume is more than just a scent, it’s your signature, sophisticated finishing touch. Famous actress Elizabeth Taylor firmly believed in the importance of fragrance, and each of her 16 scents were curated carefully alongside master perfumers. 

Taking the perfume world by storm — like she did for the silver screen — Taylor’s fragrance empire began in 1987 with the record-breaking Passion. The brand’s fame has continued over the years with a never-ending trail of unique, timeless scents. Not sure where to start with the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes? Read on for all of our top picks.

1. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

White Diamonds Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds is the most popular Elizabeth Taylor perfume by far and is renowned for its white floral notes. This sheer scent comes heavily concentrated. It’s a harmony of flowers and aldehydes producing a classic blend loved by women of all ages. 

Not sure where to start your Elizabeth Taylor perfume list? Begin with White Diamonds, with its almost eternal longevity and a seriously strong sillage that dominates the room. Violet, rose, and jasmine keep things classical, in a signature scent that leaves you feeling fresh and flowery all day long.

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2. Elizabeth Taylor Passion

Passion Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Passion prowls into position, like a sleek, woody-hued leopard that pads on its paws with confidence and charm. Powdery, animalic, and musky, Passion is anything but a daytime fragrance, with its enticing accords that suit the pitch black night sky and the twinkling stars. 

You’ll love this rich, intense fragrance the most during colder weather, when its honey-spiced notes warm from within. Released back in 1987, this standalone scent is a superpower of the perfume world, wowing everyone who samples it in a single spritz. It’s one of the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes for first dates.

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3. Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia

Gardenia Elizabeth Taylor Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Gardenia perfume from Elizabeth Taylor is an early morning awakening, treading softly downstairs in the morning light and stepping outside onto the dewy grass. It’s simple and understated — a whilte floral blend of lily-of-the-valley, gardenia, and orchid with just the right amount of sillage. 

A fragrance that deserves a second glance, it’s one of the best to wear on day-to-day occasions for a stylish, subtle addition to your look. Or, layer Gardenia with stronger floral fragrances or those with gentle citrus hues for a brilliant welcoming to spring.

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4. Elizabeth Taylor Sparkling White Diamonds

Sparkling White Diamonds Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Sparkling White Diamonds is a glint on your finger that catches the light every time you move. White floral and musky notes fuse in the air with a simple, elegant appeal. 

Sparkling White Diamonds isn’t a heavy fragrance but its refined nature gleams with power. It’s also the best Elizabeth Taylor perfume in terms of longevity, with a beautiful, lily-dominant scent that lingers on the skin. This is the one to wear during formal events, when its white-hued notes blend perfectly with glamorous clothes.

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5. Elizabeth Taylor Forever Elizabeth

Forever Elizabeth Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Forever Elizabeth is a romantic, comforting scent that suits women of all ages with its fruity tones and powdery, woody base. 

Forever Elizabeth is a skin scent rather than an overly loud fragrance, delivering a refined yet soft boost. Crisp green apples, blackberries, and Mandarin oranges complement fresh jasmine and tiare flowers. This is among the best Elizabeth Taylor fragrances for office wear.

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6. Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes is a soul searcher that looks deep inside and blooms with pride. Contrary to its name, Violet Eyes isn’t a violet-heavy scent. Instead, it’s floral, rose, and woods — a sophisticated and intriguing blend that asks questions rather than answering them. 

Violet Eyes is one of the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes when you’re looking for power and longevity, thanks to its brightly colored notes. Fresh white peach, jasmine, and purple rose offer up a mysterious, endlessly feminine scent. Layer with another rose-heavy scent to bring out its warmth.

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7. Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Rubies

Diamonds & Rubies Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Decadent and exciting, Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Rubies is a scent of hedonism and indulgence. It’s handfuls of precious gems in pools around you, their unique colors glinting in contrasts. Powdery and floral, Diamonds & Rubies simply smells expensive. It’s the fragrance equivalent of buttery leather or thick, almost quilted velvet. 

The range of notes here — including sweet jasmine, orchid, heliotrope, and sensuous musk — suits Diamonds & Rubies more to a woman in her 30s or 40s. It’s a scent of subtle dominance, leaving a trailing path of sumptuous ylang-ylang and lily-of-the-valley.

Similar to: Sunflowers Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, Paris Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, Samsara Perfume by Guerlain

8. Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Emeralds

Diamonds & Emeralds Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Emeralds is feminine and soft, a dipped toe in a glassy lake surrounded by wildflowers and gentle green hues. This light fragrance has the potential to be layered with contrasting white floral scents but works just as well worn alone, preferably for quiet, reflective Sunday mornings. 

Contrary to other scents in the “Diamond &” lineup, Diamonds & Emeralds is understated and calm rather than loud and confident. Apricot, fresh mandarin, juicy peach, and sage offer an oriental breeze with a soft, powdery finish. This is one of the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes when discretion is called for.

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9. Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Sapphires

Diamonds & Sapphires Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Sapphires is warm, fresh, and seductive. It’s a “come a little closer” fragrance that appeals with a single spritz. Sweet and strong, Diamonds & Sapphires grows on the skin, starting out with a gentle white floral blend that blooms into something complex and beguiling. 

Rose, jasmine, rhubarb, and ylang-ylang add a seductive touch to this daytime scent that’s best enjoyed on spontaneous weekday evenings. Vetiver, amber, and musk base notes ensure heavy sillage, so you know your presence will be felt.

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10. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds En Rouge

White Diamonds En Rouge Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds En Rouge is modern yet timeless — a blend of the old and the new. Diamonds En Rouge is rose-hued and sweet, a sugar-pink crystal that drips with rubies.

One of the newest women’s Elizabeth Taylor perfumes around, Diamonds En Rouge is swift and uncompromising. It’s a deep, enchanting scent designed to leave the unforgettable impression of glamor. There’s no need to layer this fragrance with another. It’s one of the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes for leaving its fiery spirit behind long after you’ve checked out.

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11. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Night

White Diamonds Night Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Night is a scent of moonlit glamor — of late nights, dark, red lipstick, heavy diamond necklaces, and oversized rings. It’s indulgent and thrilling, a fragrance that sparkles and glitters at the merest hint of light. 

Wear White Diamonds Night whenever you’re looking to impress. Its floral note of night blooming jasmine leaves a whisper on the skin with its longevity. Apricot and sweet freesia add a fun-spirited touch, responsible for this fragrance’s warm-hued sillage. Creamy sandalwood and patchouli are the alluring base notes that follow.

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12. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Brilliant

White Diamonds Brilliant Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Brilliant is known for being Elizabeth Taylor’s most impressive fragrance when it comes to silage. A single spritz of this white floral, citrus-hued fragrance comes with a hefty dose of power that follows you from room to room. 

Memorable and welcoming, this friendly fragrance is one of the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes for wearing to brunch or shopping trips with friends. Its honeysuckle, lily, and Bulgarian rose adding a personable touch to your day. 

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13. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre

White Diamonds Lustre Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre has a lot to show off, but its great value is one of the things its frequent wearers almost always mention. Known for being one of the strongest Elizabeth Taylor perfumes, White Diamonds Lustre is intense and heady without being overbearing. 

Looking for a new daily staple that’s just as suitable for Monday mornings as it is for Friday evenings? Choose White Diamonds Lustre. Raspberry, pear, and bergamot open with a wide grin while narcissus, jasmine, and orange blossom add a spring-like fervor. The best part? A spritz on your hair leaves this Elizabeth Taylor perfume for women smelling delicious for upwards of 24 hours.

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What is Elizabeth Taylor Perfume?

Elizabeth Taylor perfume is elegant and classy. Inspired by Taylor’s life on the silver screen, each fragrance released by the actress tells a story of her famous past. Elizabeth Taylor perfume is usually reserved for women in their late 20s upwards, with scent blends renowned for their longevity.


A quick spritz of one of the Elizabeth Taylor fragrances above, and you’ll find yourself on a whirlwind of adventure with timeless, graceful appeal. You’ll find a huge range of all of the best Elizabeth Taylor perfumes for women here at

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