Days are short and nights are long; winter is the perfect time to cozy up with a wonderfully warming perfume. Choose winter perfumes with notes of vanilla, amber, tobacco and oud that are sweet, spicy or boozy, adding depth to florals. These ingredients have lasting power that will stay with you through your first mug of steaming coffee to a frothy hot cocoa by the fireplace.

Follow along for the best winter perfumes that will keep you as warm and cozy as your favorite cashmere scarf.

1.Pink Sugar Sensual by Aqupolina 

This is our pick for a sweet and sexy winter perfume that won’t break your budget. Its cotton candy, vanilla, burnt sugar and caramel notes are offset by a touch of spice and woods making it the naughty, richer and deeper version than the original Pink Sugar, and a great popular winter treat that you spray but want to eat.

Recommended related fragrances: Armani Si,  Very Irresistible Sensual By Givenchy, Versace Crystal Noir


2. Replica By The Fireplace

Wrap yourself in cozy cashmere and throw a log onto the fireplace this winter with Replica by The Fireside Perfume. This woody winter perfume with gourmand notes of coconut and vanilla sweetened by red berries also has chestnut at its crackling heart.  Staying home for the holidays never smelled so good.

Recommended related fragrances: Replica Jazz Club, Demeter Bonfire, The One by Dolce & Gabbana

3.Kilian Back to Black Aphrodisiac

By Kilian is known for their daring perfumes and when Back to Black was launched in 2009 its tag line was “aphrodisiac” (it was rumored to be a tribute to the singer Amy Winehouse) and was nominated in for a Fifi Award in the category of “Unique Boutique.”  Created by master perfumer Calice Becker, Back to Black weaves an entrancing spell full of heady lovely tobacco with a glowing honeyed vanilla finish. Ever changing, the scent goes from smoky tobacco to fruity cherry, to woody with the warmth of amber. Addicting and original, Back to Black is a great perfume for women and men who want to stand out in a crowd. It is best worn for evening or when you are dressed to impress.

Recommended related fragrances: Reminiscence Tonka, By Kilian Gold Knight, Jimmy Choo

4.Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane

Hand that man a Cuban cigar: Thierry Mugler A *Men Pure Havane is a limited edition. This honeyed tobacco men’s cologne is one of the best Thierry Mugler perfumes for men and perfect for winter, with gourmand notes like vanilla, honey and cacao The iconic star is embedded in the flacon and infused with everything from coffee, malt, and leather. The Spices are striking but subdued and never heavy.

Recommended related fragrances: Mancera Red Tobacco, Tabac, Azzaro by Azzaro

5. Montale Intense Café

Try some coffee with your rose. Montale Intense Café centers around coffee beans dipped in red roses. Add a pump of vanilla, a swirl of musk and sprinkle some amber and chocolate shavings on top and you have a luscious latte of coffee for your skin Suitable for day and evening, Intense Café can be worn by men and women and is best for winter weather.

Recommended related fragrances:  Replica Coffee Break,Tom Ford Café Rose, Demeter Fresh Brewed Coffee

6. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is one of the most feminine floral winter perfumes from the esteemed fashion house known for its expensive Italian leather.  Joyful and radiant, the fresh bouquet of radiant jasmine, luminous iris and powdery violet wraps around the softest suede heart adding a fresh touch. Pink pepper adds some spice and the glowing floral notes are delicately sweetened by apricot. Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum is beautiful and memorable, a welcome embrace as the days grows shorter. This sumptuous perfume has excellent longevity and is especially stunning after the sun sets.

Recommended Related Fragrance: Hermes Kelly Caleche Knot by Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Classique

7. Mancera Amber Fever

Amber Fever features the house’s signature rose prominently in its composition. Now imagine dipping that rose into some whiskey and that will give you an idea of what Amber Fever smells like. If you are looking for an intense woody amber boozy rose fragrance for this Winter. Exceptional logevity

Recommended related fragrances: Prada Amber, Gucci Rush, Michael Kors Sexy Amber

8. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

From the luxury house of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille mixes classic tobacco with creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit and sweet wood sap for a contemporary, luxurious and narcotic  winter   perfume with staying power. One of the most popular fragrances for men and women  on the perfume forums.

Recommended Related Fragrances: Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Mancera Red Tobacco, Tiziano Terenzi White Fire

9. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense

For winter, you should try more concentrated formulations for the holidays. Winter skin is dry and can handle stronger scents. Our pick to pack a powerful perfume punch is Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense, a luscious berry infused floral with a hit of vanilla, that registers 10 on the sex appeal meter.

Recommended Related Fragrances: Calvin Klein Euphoria, Gucci Guilty Black, Black Opium Intense

10.Sisley Eau De Soir

Florals aren’t just for warm weather. When nights are long, a beautiful floral scent can add class and sophistication from sundown to the wee hours of the morning especially during the winter. Sisley Eau De Soir is a grand perfume for nights out on the town. This green chypre with notes of lily of the valley, iris, labdanum and oakmoss has a vintage vibe and is one sophisticated lady.

Recommended related fragrances: Hermes Kelly Caleche Knot by Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Classique

11. Marc Jacob Perfect

Looking for the perfect winter perfume? Or the perfect signature scent for cold weather? Marc Jacobs Perfect is a tribute to confident women who know exactly what they like and have flair and style.  Perfect is the perfect floral winter fragrance composed with a shower of white jasmine and daffodil petals mixed with the luscious warm elements of golden roasted almonds and sandalwood. It’s ideal for the floral lover who wants a floral fragrance to feel richer than their other petal perfumes. It can be worn year-round and is a great twist to flowery fragrances that is particularly alluring when the temperature dips and you yearn for spring.

Recommended Related Fragrances: Shalimar souffle de parfum, Givenchy Demoiselle Eau Florale , My Burberry


12. Maison Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

Rouge 540 by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who is now the head of Dior Parfums, has been a winter classic since it debuted as a scented ode the famous Baccarat crystal to celebrate their 25th anniversary. This opulent and bright perfume that has the same slightly mesmerizing effect on the skin that fine crystal has on the eyes. The opening is delicious with a shot of blood orange and jasmine that quickly settles into amber and slightly spiced golden saffron in the heart notes leaving a glowing aura on the skin. Perfectly uni-sexy and can be worn by men and women.

Recommended related fragrances: Byredo Black Saffron, Dior Hypnotic Poison, Oud Satin Mood

In conclusion

The winter season offers a wide range of perfumes that are great for colder temperatures..The best winter perfumes  are  rich, deep, smoky and add depth to floral, citrus, rose, fresh, sweet and fruity scents. carries a great range of authentic Winter perfumes for women at less than department store prices. Shop discounted designer fragrances now!