Best Fougeres

What is a Fougere Fragance and Why is it so Popular with Men?

Houbigant Fougere Royale was the first modern perfume to use synthetic

Fougere means fern in French and is one most dominant classification in the modern age of perfumery. Houbigant Fougère Royale was created in 1892 by Paul Parquet was the first fragrance to include the synthetic note of coumarin, which smells similar scent to hay amid is derived from tonka beans.

There are two types of Fougères, classic and modern. Classic Fougères contain a note of bergamot, lavender, geranium, oakmoss and coumarin (also known as tonka bean).  Modern Fougères can contain herbs, geranium, green notes, spices and floral ingredients. Fougères are also referred to barbershop fragrances as some can be a little soapy due to the lavender.

A modern Fougere is easy to wear and  usually lighter and can be worn for any season. A traditional Fougere is usually warmer and better suited for night or colder weather

Azzaro Pour Homme

  1. Azzaro Pour Homme is considered more a of a classic Fougere and opens with a big lemon note that is bright and blends well with the lavender and other aromatic notes such as clary sage, juniper and basil. Woody and green notes of cedar, vetiver,  and patchouli are accompanied by cardamom spices and leathery musk.  It has excellent longevity and is suited for evening wear.

Rochas Moustache

  1. Moustache Rochas was created back in the 1940’s by the famous perfumer Edmond Roudnitska who also created Eau Suavage, a woody citrus that is one of the most famous colognes ever. Moustache Rochas is considered one of the most important classic cologne style Fougères of the 20th century. Brimming with bracing citruses, lush with aromatic lavender and woody with oakmoss, rugged leather adds to its masculinity. Best of all, it lasts t all day and then can be quickly refreshed – lasting long into the night. And the name… what could be more masculine than a moustache?


Versace Dreamer review

  1. Versace The Dreamer adds tobacco blossom as a twist to the green juniper and the spicy clove like carnation. It opens crisp and green with scent of juniper. As the fragrance dries down,  the tobacco blossom, which is slightly sweet,  adds  something different to this fantastic Fougere-like fragrance that is both unique and likable.


  1. Xeryus by Givenchy Lowe Pour Homme is a great summer time Fougere. The green notes of clary sage and basil add an aromatic flair to the heart of lavender. T he smell of forest pines add depth to the balsamic cypress as if you were walking in the cool shade of trees on  a hot summer’s night.  If you are looking for a Fougere with class that is elegant but approachable be sure to try Xeryus.

Paco Rabanne Pour Home is a great Fougere

        5. When you think of barbershop Fougères, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme comes to mind. It is more a traditional Fougère as it contains classic ingredients of lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. of lavender smells like fine French milled                   soap, and the geranium smells crisp. The aromatic rosemary added to the woody oakmoss, makes this decidedly masculine and a great choice for more mature men.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is a good Fougère for young men

  1. Tom Ford Vetiver is a subtle version of Fougère and not overly strong. It is very versatile and can be worn any time and is especially good for office wear. The grassy green vetiver along with a musky nutmeg is surrounded by amber, which adds a little sweetness. All men, as well as women, will enjoy this cologne which is a top designer fragrance.

Narciso Rodriguez for him

  1. Narcisco Rodriguez is clean Fougère that is musky and smooth as well as green and sharp. Along with soft musk, patchouli and lavender leaf are the key notes that add fresh modern take. This is a great way to introduce yourself into the category, especially if you are young or not experienced in fragrance.

In Conclusion

There is a Fougere fragrance for any man, for very budget and style. Green, clean, aromatic or more traditional with a structure of citrus, lavender and oakmoss, any man can find a Fougère to fit his personality and style. From the humidity of summer to the cold winter months, reach for the easy going “Fern” of perfumery. Find authentic Fougères for less on