Best Lavender Fragrances for men and women

Lavender is known as the heart of scent and the grey green plants with the stunning blooms in hues of grays, blues, pink and purples are one of the most valuable ingredients used in perfumery. Throughout history lavender fragrances have been worn since antiquity and has been associated with comfort, cleanliness, and good health.  Lavender fragrances can be floral, classic, fresh and aromatic, worn by women and men. The height of the lavender season in the south of France is from the end of June through August when it is harvested.  In  French towns such as Grasse and Luberon  they celebrate Lavender fragrances during the warm months. Lavender oil is also known to have anti-depressant qualities and is used in aromatherapy.’s top five Lavender fragrances, guaranteed to pick you up during the dog days of summer.

Best Lavender Fragrances for men and women

Yardley’s English Lavender is fresh and fragrant, first created in 1913.   It’s an aromatic, spicy, woody and floral scent with notes of neroli, clary sage, geranium, sandalwood and tonka. It is a favorite among men and women.  For her, try a spritz of a subtle and cooling fragrance from the famed 4711 company 4711 Acqua Colonia Lavender & Thyme, created with herbal basil and sweet lavender  evoking lavender fields in Provence in the South of France.

Houbigant, which is a French company known for its luxurious ingredients offers Duc de Verveins.  This masculine classically composed cologne has a top note of bergamot, a heart of lavender and base of oakmoss… key ingredients that give it a spicy manly air of distinction. Looking for refreshing, sparkling cologne to take the edge off a hot summer day?  Aromatic and citrus notes combine in Caron Pour Homme Sport, from the storied house of Caron founded by perfumer Ernest Daltroff in 1919. It is one of the best modern lavender fragrances for men and can be worn for daytime.

Best Lavender fragrances for women

For evening and special occasions, try a lavender perfume that is both soothing and sensual. We recommend Burberry Brit Rhythm Perfume from Burberry, the Designer British house. With tempting blackberry and  bright orange blossom wrapped around a floral lavender heart and a pinch of pink pepper, it is one of the best lavender fragrances  for women.

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