Most wanted fragrances for women in 2019

 What fragrances were women and men clamoring for in 2019?  At we highlight six of the most wanted perfumes and colognes of the year.

Chloe absolue is one of the most wanted perfumes by women

 One of the most wanted perfumes for women in 2019 is Chloe Absolu de Parfum by Karl Lagerfeld . This is a chic rose scent that sparkles like the sun with bright bubbly top notes with exotic tuberose, heady honeysuckle, burst of citrusy bergamot and golden orange blossom.  After dark, the drydown of vanilla, amber and soft woods embrace you like a cashmere shawl on a cool evening.

Carolina Herrara Good Girl is one of the most wanted bottles

Carolina Herrara Good Girl Perfume is one of the most wanted perfumes not only because it smells amazing but the bottle is shaped like a stiletto high heel. This sensual floral runs on adrenaline from a rich roasted coffee note that dances with tuberose and sweet almond until the sun rises.

Sauvage for men

Actor Johnny Depp is the star and face for Dior Eau Sauvage, which scores high this year with men. A real crowd pleaser, this classy citrus/spicy fougere with notes of lavender and lemon is light and refreshing but bold and masculine at the same time. A  pinch of pink pepper for punch rests on a bed of earthy patchouli.

Amo Ferragamo with its Campari note mixes a twist of rhubarb. Black Currant and rosemary add intrigue and texture to this crisp, aromatic floral for women. The elegant bottle is faceted with  gemstones adding to the allure of this most wanted eau de parfum.

Another most wanted fragrance by women for 2019 is Dior Joy, fronted by the actress Jennifer Lawrence. Wild, uninhibited with an opening of a burst of bergamot and a heart of  sweet jasmine and  French rose. With a  drydown of creamy woods and soft skin musk, Dior Joy is a lovely fragrance for all seasons.

On every perfume lovers most wanted list in 2019 is Tom Ford Metallica. Designer Tom Ford’s first floral aldehyde fragrance for women,  is  an effervescent take on vintage florals with a thoroughly modern edge that is distinctly 21 st century.