best fall fragrances for women

Fall offers so many perfumes to choose from. Some days the weather is warm, and others it is chilly. Fall is the opportunity to wear some favorite scents you just can’t bring yourself to wear in the heat of summer. At  wearing any one of  these seven feminine fragrances is like wrapping yourself in your favorite sweater all season long.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia is a great feminine fragrance for fall

Journey to the English Countryside during fall harvest with Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia. It  reminds us of eating a juicy pear at the height of its ripeness recently plucked from tree.  Think sensual not edible as this lovely feminine fragrance with a hint of floral freesia is also lush and musky. Soft woods at the drydown linger on the skin from dawn to dusk.

Light fall floral fragrances

Opium Eau d’ Orient  Orchidee de chine from Yves St. Laurent  is a sumptuous scent  for fall without the heaviness of most Orientals, which can still stifle in the changeable weather of the season. Airy citrus opens the scent, with a brief burst of bergamot as if remembering a summer garden. The sweetness of mandarin feels like sunshine on your skin as. exotic orchids are in full bloom. A hint of tiny white star jasmine blossoms float on the air before the undercurrent of narcotic nutmeg and spices are unleashed. A fragrance that is mellow and sweet yet as light-weight as a amber colored pashmina shawl.

Add amber to your fall scent wardrobe when the temperature dips… the golden resin that is opulent and magnetic. One of our favorites is Prada Amber a modern classic with a vintage vibe that’s warm and spicy with a hint of powder and honey.

rochas tocade is a great feminine fall fragrance

Rose lovers will want to waft this cult favorite masterpiece Rochas Tocade. Imagine a big, busty rose powdering her nose before meeting up with gal pals amber and patchouli  so they can binge watch the “Real Housewives of New York”.

Reach for Boucheron Place Vendome when you crave a perfume for a special evening and the night air is frosty. This warm, honeyed vanilla jewel is set in rich and creamy notes of sandalwood and jasmine petals. A refined, rich and classic fragrance for whenever you are dressed to impress.

Some scents are meant to share. Tom Ford Noir is a bold choice for her (and for him) this fall.  Strong, (civet, leather, incense), floral (rose), and a little bit spicy (nutmeg, patchouli, black pepper); it’s not for the timid, perfect for making an entrance and that’s what we love about it.