Love Island USA Season 4 certainly took us on a rollercoaster of emotions in the Casa Grande villa. Throughout weeks of re-couplings and challenges, we watched some of the world’s most beautiful men and women compete to win the $100,000 grand prize, never quite knowing which way it would go.

The season may have only recently finished but we’re still very much in the Love Island mindset. So, we thought it was about time we paired up our favorites from the season with their ideal signature fragrances. 

These Perfumes Perfectly Capture Each Love Island Star’s Personality…

Read on for all of the scents we’d pick for the Casa Grande women. 

1. Deborah Chubb: La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

la vieest belle perfume

Deborah Chubb was undoubtedly the most outgoing islander with her loud personality and main character energy. This self-described Barbie ensured her position as the center of attention from start to finish and acts the same way outside the villa. 

Known for her love of traveling and festivals including Coachella, Deb’s never-failing energy secured her position as one of our favorite characters from the season. We’d choose a fragrance like La Vie Est Belle by Lancome for Deb. A perfume filled with elegance and charm, its notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and pear match her lighthearted approach.

2. Zeta Morrison: 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

5th Avenue Perfume By ELIZABETH ARDEN

Zeta’s strong-willed determination went hand in hand with her competitive streak and fun-loving spirit. This ever-so confident model made a name for herself with jaw-dropping outfits and a unique fashion sense. That’s something Zeta emulates in day-to-day life, too, with aspirations of modeling for Victoria’s Secret and a goal to grow her fine jewelry line. 

Stylish and seriously cool, we’ve chosen 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden as Zeta’s signature scent. A well-blended bouquet of florals, its lilac, linden blossom, magnolia, and mandarin notes promise to float gently behind you for hours.

3. Sydney Paight: Versace Woman by Versace

Versace Woman Perfume

Sydney describes herself as an aspiring trophy wife, with goals to marry a rich, handsome man and live a life of luxury. However, she has a romantic heart and was often spotted during her time in the villa on Love Island season 4, following her heart rather than her head. 

One of the most lovable contestants of the season, Sydney knows how to take a joke and was one of our favorites during the challenges. A fragrance like Versace Woman by Versace matches Sydney’s rose-tinted outlook on life. This popular fragrance is truly beautiful with notes of lotus, plum, raspberry, and Lebanese blue cedar. 

4. Courtney Boerner: Jimmy Choo Illicit by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Illicit Perfume

We were all sad when Chad dumped Courtney but she retained her spot as one of the most popular islanders long after she left the villa. With her bubbly personality and stylish looks, Courtney was one of the best-dressed islanders in the lineup. That’s something she continues away from Casa Grande on her regularly-updated Instagram feed. 

We think Courtney would fall for a delicious fragrance like Jimmy Choo Illicit by Jimmy Choo. Rich and sweet with honeyed notes, it matches Courtney’s romantic side as well as her stunning good looks. Its notes of ginger, bitter orange, and sandalwood are one of a kind, just like Courtney.

5. Mady McLanahan: Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Good-Girl Kaitlyn Herrera

It was hard to look away when Mady first stepped into the villa, and this blonde bombshell turned heads from every direction the second she entered the Love Island world. A gorgeous girl who spends most of her time dressing up and hitting the bars with her closest friends, Mady has an eye for fashion and fun. 

We’ve chosen Good Girl by Carolina Herrera for Mady. A sweet, floral scent with notes of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose, it’s just as addictive as Mady’s persona and is a fragrance you’ll struggle to spritz only once.

Love Island Perfumes – Final Thoughts

Love Island Season 4 may be over but we’re crossing our fingers for another season next year. For the time being, you can head over to to find a new signature scent to tide you over until Season 5. There, you’ll find a huge range of discounted perfumes from all of your favorite brands with free shipping included.

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