what colors do you think of in perfume

Most of us are attracted to certain colors. There is a good reason as a particular hue is often an indicator of our personality or state of mind. Scent is very personal, tied to memories and experiences. Often, we have preference for certain colors and like the seasons that may change.  Your personality and favorite color can lead you to your signature scent. Our experts at  perfume.com are here to help you discover your true colors.

yellow is one of the colors in perfume that make us happy

If you are an outgoing person, and enjoy meeting, people chances are you are attracted to bold shades of bright yellow, orange and vibrant greens. These colors are often associated with citrus and green fragrances. Kenzo Parfum d’ete, evokes a playful picnic; the sun plays peek-a-boo with green leaves and clouds drift by. You are surrounded by perfect, ripe juicy peaches and sunny citruses, breezy notes of softest florals- powdery peony and gentle hyacinth waft through the air. An endless and eternal summer dream vacation with your BFF or family without leaving home.

We love Michael Kors Coral.  Orange is a happy and cheery color. Coral is lush, slightly sweet yet light enough for day and sexy enough for summer nights.  Sparkling citrus gives way to lemon. Tuberose dances with orange blossom at its floral heart.

Dior Eau Sauvage colors of yellow and green

For him, we recommend Eau Sauvage, composed by master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in 1966. The refreshing blend of citrus, oakmoss and basil is both classic and contemporary.


marc jacobs daisy dream for introverts

Sensitive people tend to be quiet and easily hurt by others. They are day dreamers and can live in fantasy.  They prefer quiet dinners at home than gala events. Shades of white and pastel colors attract their attention as do light florals. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream in its flower studded flacon, is a subtle blend of jasmine, white woods and blue wisteria is inspired by blue skies and quiet mornings.


 For a tender take, try Cacharel Anais Anais Premiere Delice is a virtual garden of summer’s most romantic  white flowers with gauzy notes of  lilac tinted hyacinth surrounded by an orchard of pear and oranges.


Bright colors like pink, violet are for energetic women

If you are impulsive, energetic, chatty and cheerful, you may wear your heart on your sleeve, but you are not the type to brood. You just keep going. Lively shades of pink, red, and violet are your colors and fruity florals suit you best. Escada Joyful  is just that, inspired by positivity and a jubilant spirit. Bright blooms of peony, and juicy blackberry and nectarine smell like pure elation.


Active and dynamic one day and down in the dumps the next of course your colors is blue. Aquatic and fresh fragrances enhance your lifestyle and pick you up if you are feeling sad. The watery floral notes of lotus , rose water and white lily in  Issey Miyake;s  L’eau de L’Issey  sparkle like jewels on the sea. For him Davidoff Cool Water, in its iconic blue bottle is fresh, clean and ready to set sail.