Dive into the best California perfumes on the shelf.

Nobody needs to be convinced of California’s amazing beauty — it’s the Golden State, after all! Whether you’re a California resident, a tourist, or you simply identify with California vibes, we’ve rounded up a list of great West Coast fragrances you’ll love. 

What Perfume Matches California’s Vibe?

A perfume that matches California’s vibe is easy to wear, lightweight, and versatile, often with notes that fit the desert, the sea, and salt water. That said, California is a big state, and there are lots of different fragrances to match the beach, the city, the mountains, and other Cali locales.

Let’s take a look at some California perfumes that match San Francisco, LA, San Diego, the ocean, and the desert.

1. Perfume that reminds us of San Francisco

Daisy Dream Perfume By MARC JACOBS

San Francisco is best known for stunning views and a thriving tech scene, so a San Francisco perfume is at once immaculately packaged, easy to wear, and office appropriate. A prime example of this is Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. This bestselling scent is light and charming and will last from day to well into the night (we know how techies love to work all night long!) 

Recommended related fragrances: First by Van Cleef & Arpels Perfume, L’eau D’issey (Issey Miyake) by Issey Miyake Perfume, Nina L’extase Rose Absolue by Nina Ricci

2. Perfume that reminds us of Los Angeles

Sparkling White Diamonds Perfume By ELIZABETH TAYLOR

Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor is the quintessential Los Angeles perfume. It fits the Cali vibes we associate with Hollywood, glamor, and luxury. It’s also versatile enough to work for the daytime too. Because it’s light, it’s a fitting choice year-round even on those particularly hot Los Angeles days.  

Recommended related fragrances: Versace Versense by Versace Perfume, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc by Narciso Rodriguez Perfume

3. Perfume that reminds us of San Diego

Terre D'hermes Cologne By HERMES

A San Diego perfume has to reflect a unique mix of laid-back and vibrant energy, which is tricky to pull off. While Hermes isn’t the brand you’d ordinarily think of when you think of “casual,” Terre D’hermes by Hermes does a wonderful job reflecting California’s energy. It’s earthy and approachable yet aspirational at the same time. 

Recommended related fragrances: First by Van Cleef & Arpels Perfume, White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor Perfume, Oscar by Oscar De La Renta Perfume

4. Perfume that matches the energy of the Pacific Ocean

Sea Glass Perfume By J. CREW

Is there anything sexier than a surfer? The sea, the sun, the waves, the fitted suit… it’s all beautifully reflected in Sea Glass by J. Crew. The Cali perfume is fresh, sweet, and salty all in one, which means it’s as well suited for the day as it is for nighttime. 

Recommended related fragrances: L’instant by Guerlain Perfume, L’imperatrice 3 by Dolce & Gabbana Perfume, Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

5. Perfume that matches the energy of the California desert 

Nomade by Chloe

Nomade by Chloe brings the heat! What makes it such a perfect California perfume is that at the same time it avoids any hint of heaviness. You could wear this scent to a music festival and not feel weighed down. In fact, its blend of bergamot, lemon, orange, jasmine, rose, amberwood, and sandalwood will energize you for a fun-filled fest. 

Recommended related fragrances: Obsession by Calvin Klein, Cool Water by Davidoff Perfume, Glow by Jennifer Lopez


Who wouldn’t want to be transported to California or, the very least, bask in its vibes. The Golden State is known for mixing glamour and luxury with laid-back sex appeal, which makes for uniquely intoxicating scents. Now you can get your Cali-style perfume quickly and affordably with fast shipping and heavy discounts at Perfume.com.

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