Best Calvin Klein Perfumes 2022

Authentic, classy, and deliciously simplistic, Calvin Klein perfume is the very definition of understated beauty. Much like Calvin Klein underwear is regarded as a luxurious staple, CK perfume is a must-have for anyone looking to freshen up their style.  Often described as curiously unique, Calvin Klein perfume's one-of-a-kind appeal [...]

March 29, 2022|Categories: Perfumes, Popular Fragrance Brands|

Best Givenchy Perfumes 2022

Looking for a new signature scent that oozes femininity and class? Look no further than Givenchy. This timeless fashion house is a world leader when it comes to releasing fresh, seductive, stylish scents with a versatile range that spans endless new accords. The first Givenchy perfume, L'interdit, hit the shelves [...]

March 28, 2022|Categories: Perfumes, Popular Fragrance Brands|

15 Best Amber Perfumes of All Time

Amber perfumes are rich, warming, slightly spiced fragrances, magical in their ability to weave together contrasting and complementing notes into unique bottles. These alluring scents settle on the skin with an ever-lasting power. It's impossible to wear one of the best amber perfumes in the list below without receiving at [...]

March 1, 2022|Categories: Perfumes, Popular Scent Notes|

12 Best Burberry Perfumes 2022

Take a walk with us through the best Burberry fragrances money can buy. Luxury fashion house Burberry has been iconic since the moment it launched more than 150 years ago. As time has passed, the Burberry brand has grown increasingly more popular.  Burberry fragrance takes the brand's timeless appeal to [...]

February 16, 2022|Categories: Perfumes, Popular Fragrance Brands|

10 Best Versace Perfumes 2022

Migos said it best… “Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace.”  Versace is a showstopping luxury brand whose uber-pricey fashion pieces are out of reach for most of us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in the brand’s fragrance signatures. The best Versace perfumes are a wonderful way to soak up [...]

January 26, 2022|Categories: Perfumes, Popular Fragrance Brands|