Best Niche Perfumes for Mother's Day

Did you know that the U.S Fragrance market is a multi-billion-dollar industry and that nearly 60 percent of all fragrances are bought by women? Over the past two years sales of niche perfumes are up. This is most likely because purchasing a niche fragrance is the ultimate luxury; an indulgence that boosts your mood and confidence. Shopping at high end department stores is not only expensive, but due to these uncertain times  might not always make mom feel comfortable. Show your mother that you REALLY care with a beautiful niche fragrance she will cherish (and she’ll never know you paid less by shopping at

If your mother never leaves the house without heels and lipstick than Amouage Love Tuberose is a perfect perfume gift. With its “notice me” blend of heady white flowers, tuberose is the main  scent star, supported by jasmine and gardenia, the queens of night blooming flowers. Chantilly cream and vanilla add a touch of sweetness to a sumptuous woody dry down. And the bottle is a gorgeous as she is.

For the mom who is young at heart, gift her Montale Candy Rose , a sparkly rose fruity floral. Litchi, black currants and raspberry are blended with bold and sweet notes of buoyant bergamot, lovely lily of the valley and a shower of jasmine petals. The metallic bright pink bottle shines, just like your mom.

She loves the sun, the sand and longs for an island getaway? We recommend a perfume that bottles the beach. From the house that was first to offer niche fragrances, L’Artisan Parfumeur Batacuda is a lively scent with lusciouslime,  yummy coconut and a hint of mint. Batacuda is like handing mom a fragrant cocktail.

 Tom Ford Black Orchid is for the mother who knows how to make that makes a grand entrance…spicy, velvety and darkly audacious. A rare breed with an unforgettable blend of black currant, exotic truffles, chocolate and voluptuous orchid smolders with an incense trail that follows long after she leaves the room.

Because Mom Rules!! Give her Tocca Cleopatra, a royal floral for the modern woman with a nod to the most famous Queen in history…  the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Exotic tuberose reigns like the regal flower she is, while notes of grapefruit, vanilla and black currant float on a barge of exotic base of musk, amber and resins.