Vetiver is one of the most popular ingredients in perfumery because it’s earthy aroma adds depth and longevity to floral, sweet, amber and green fragrances. Long used in perfumery, for men and women, there are nearly 10,000 perfumes on the market that use vetiver, from classic to modern.

Here’s 10 of the best vetiver fragrances for women and men: 

1. CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle L'eau Privee Perfume By CHANEL

The secret to Coco Mademoiselle’s success as one of America’s top selling perfumes has a lot to do with vetiver. It’s youthful and fruity with notes of sweet orange and neroli that are bright and juicy. Jasmine and rose are at the heart surrounded by the creaminess of vanilla that floats like a cloud, golden amber and soft musk women but the secret to this scent is the grassy woody vetiver and patchouli that lends a flirty balance. Coco Mademoiselle is one of the most popular and sexy fragrances of all time. Long lasting, with great sillage, it is easy to wear and might be your new signature scent. 

Recommended related fragrances: Carolina Herrera Vetiver Paradise, Versace Crystal Noir Lancome Hypnose

2. Yves St. Laurent Black Opium

There’s a clear reason Black Opium is Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes’ best selling fragrance: It’s a sweet addiction…

YSL Black Opium is a sumptuous scent without the heavy spiciness of the original Opium. The sweetness of orange blossom is enriched by vetiver which smolders throughout. Dark chocolate and jasmine blend with spices, and vanilla bean making it perfect for evening and cooler weather. 

Recommended related fragrances: Opium, Black Opium Floral Shock, Black Opium Shine On

3. Lancome Hypnose

Hypnose Perfume By LANCOME

Lancôme Hypnose is a lovely white floral supported by the sweet scent of vanilla. The vetiver balances jasmine, gardenia and passionfruit with hints of woods that give the fragrance both longevity and freshness.  The combination of vanilla and vetiver makes Hypnose fantastic in cooler weather and works great for more formal occasions, when you want to smell sexy and a little mysterious. 

Recommended related fragrances: Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Calvin Klein Obsession, Viva la Juicy

4. ANGEL Muse

Angel Muse

Thierry Mugler Angel Muse is the newest generation of Thierry Mugler Angel and perfect for millennials who want a sweet and fresh perfume. Angel Muse blends the hazelnut cream candy floss of the original with vetiver…not patchouli. Angel Muse was said to be the first “vetiver gourmand” for women and composed by rising star perfumer Quentin Bisch. This is a unisex perfume and works well for daytime and casual wear.

Recommended related fragrances: Angel, Angel Nova Mugler Aura Sensuelle     

5. CREED Original Vetiver

Original Vetiver Cologne By CREED

Creed Original Vetiver is a fresh and clean scent that highlights the overall green and grassy aspect of vetiver. At the top bright and sparkling citruses add luminosity to the iris heart and clean musk at the drydown.  Original Vetiver is great in the summer and works well as an office and casual date fragrance. Great longevity and a crowd pleaser.

Recommended related fragrances: Creed Green Irish Tweed, Montale Vetiver Patchouli, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver 

6. Prada Infusion d’Iris  

Prada Infusion D'iris Perfume

Prada Infusion d’Iris is a beautiful fragrance with a powdery scent enriched by woods. Top notes of iris make an appearance first before vetiver adds depth to the fruity floral scent as it dries down. Infusion d’ Iris is suited for any occasion. Chic, alluring and sensual, it has excellent longevity and can be worn all year long.

Recommended related fragrances: Prada Amber, Bois 1920 Vetiver Ambrato, Prada Femme Intense

7. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver’s mix of citrus and florals with vetiver sets it apart and is one of the best Vetiver fragrances on the market.The stars of this fragrance are iris and vetiver. Paired with notes of zesty grapefruit, fresh orange blossom and herbaceous sage along with base notes of amber, moss and clean woods make it a stylish yet subtle choice.

Recommended related fragrances: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Fougere Plantine, Tom Ford White Patchouli

8. Roja Parfums Vetiver

Roja Vetiver Cologne By ROJA PARFUMS

Roja Parfums Vetiver was composed by British master perfumer Roja Dove, one of the most renowned perfumers in the world. It smells natural with a bright bergamot and clean vetiver present throughout the entire perfume. There are hints of jasmine, rose and lemon at the heart which are blended beautifully with green notes, a variety of spices, and smoky notes of woods and oakmoss at the base. Pure class and great for business occasions, it is unisex with outstanding longevity and can be worn all year round.

Recommended related fragrances: Roja Parfums Danger Roja Parfums Scandal, Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire

9. Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire

Vetiver Extraordinaire Cologne By FREDERIC MALLE

With 25 percent vetiver (one of the highest amounts used ever in perfumery) Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire is a vetiver unlike any other as it brings out almost every facet and then some. Grassy and green, fresh yet rich, the smoky notes of vetiver and spice are layered over a sensual woody musky base. In Vetiver Extraordinaire, the note takes on a fresh airiness that is different from any earthy or woody vetivers. It soars above all others for its easy to wear yet complex composition. 

Recommended related fragrances: Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur, Superstitious, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver 

10. Lanvin Arpege

Arpege Perfume By LANVIN

Arpege may be one of the first fragrances to use vetiver, composed in 1927 and then reorchestrated in 1993. Along with Chanel No. 5 and Shalimar it is con sidered by many to be one of the greatest perfumes of all time. Vetiver and aldehydes may not seem like they would work together, but there is a reason why Arpege is a classic. This is an intensely rich floral perfume with notes of neroli, aldehydes, peach and bergamot at the top, lily of the valley, rose, and tuberose in the heart with vetiver and other wood notes bringing balance to the base.  Arpege has outstanding longevity and leaves a scent trail like velvet. Wear it in the cooler months and for evening wear. 

Recommended related fragrances: Chanel No 5, Guerlain Shalimar, Rochas Femme 

In conclusion

Vetiver takes on different characteristics depending on how it’s used and adds earthiness to the amber, floral, musk, powdery and woody notes that it’s paired with. The scent of of vetiver is complex enough to stand on its own. Going out for a casual date and can’t decide which perfume to wear? A vetiver fragrance is always a great choice. carries a great range of authentic vetiver fragrances at less than department store prices. Shop discounted designer fragrances now! 

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